Janis Campbell

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Janis Campbell

Janis Campbell has almost a decade of property management experience to her name, making her an exceptionally knowledgeable industry professional. Now as a Sales Consultant, Janis brings a down to earth and easy to deal with approach for every client.

Janis enjoys the chance to meet new and interesting people on a daily basis, helping them to pursue their real estate goals. A qualified personal trainer and sports therapist with a Diploma in Sport and a commitment to healthy living, Janis ran her own gym business before pursuing her real estate ambitions.

After falling in love with the Northern Beacheslifestyle, she moved to the area almost 20 years ago and has been a devoted local ever since. Whether you are looking at selling, buying or leasing you home or investment, Janis is always here to help you.

I have been very happy with Janis’s professionalism, attitude and quality of service.

I have been a long time property owner in the Manly area and have used Janis for my property management needs for many years now. Having used other property management companies in the past, I know that quality of service can vary greatly from one place to the next. I have been very happy with Janis’s professionalism, attitude and quality of service. She has always done her utmost to ensure I have received good tenants so that my properties have been kept in optimum condition and the rent has been paid on time. Janis has always performed regular routine inspections and carried out all maintenance repairs promptly. She is always friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I wish her every success in her new role in Sales.

A. McKay

I have always found you to be very professional!

Janis I wish you the very best in your new career path and I am sure that you will continue to give your best in this new role. During the time I have known/dealt with you as the person looking after my rental property I have always found you to be very professional. I know it can be difficult to get the balance right between owner and tenant but I feel you are able to do so and in your sales role this ability will continue to be an asset to you. I wish you the very best in your new career.

L. Knowles

Janis enthusiasm for her work is evident!

Janis has been our property manager for the past 5 years. She took care of our property as if it was her own. Northing was ever too much trouble and her enthusiasm for her work is evident. She is most cheerful and conscientious. Her honesty was never in doubt while she was with us. She is very professional and experienced in all parts of property management. I would recommend Janis for any position on any task she applies for.

P. Wynen